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About Dr. Dave & The HouseCall Band®

Since “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” debuted in February 2014, the opening “Hey Hey Hey Hey” riff by house band The Roots has become one of television’s most infectious and explosive earworms ever. Even if you’ve never watched a full episode, it’s probably part of your subconscious musical mind. It worked its irrepressible, horn fired magic on Dr. Dave®, and now, after 25 years and a constant stream of radio hits, the veteran guitarist – leading his powerhouse SoCal based ensemble Dr. Dave & The HouseCall Band® - has turned that four-word musical phrase into wildly exciting crossover instrumental gold on their latest single. “Hey Hey Hey Hey” is the fourth release from the group’s critically acclaimed 2018 album Midnight Daydream.

Produced by Dr. Dave® and arranged by Dr. Dave® and his longtime saxophonist John Rekevics, the blues, jazz, funk and rock driven track has a sexy flair to it with the seductive and soulful female vocalists Stellita Porter and Jackie Bonaparte, who open with the hook and sing it several times throughout. The arrangement also features a Steely Dan-styled rhythmic flow in the middle, plus tight, dynamic horn section elements (arranged by Rekevics) and a tasty high- octane jazz/R&B “tradin’ fours” conversation between Dr. Dave® and Rekevics. Larry Logan was brought into the studio to play the organ parts and especially the freewheeling organ solo.

The song is credited to the riff’s writers Tarik Trotter, Kirk Douglas, Karl B. Jenkins, Ahmir K. Thompson, Owen Biddle, James Jason Poyser, Malik Smart, Ricky Nichols and The Roots. With a multi-genre appeal not only to fans of “The Tonight Show” and The Roots, but also to those who love rock, R&B/funk and contemporary/smooth urban jazz, “Hey Hey Hey Hey” is destined for great crossover success at radio.

“I’ve enjoyed watching ‘The Tonight Show’ and always felt the ‘Hey Hey Hey Hey’ riff was a catchy hook with a lot of energy – something I never get tired of hearing,” says Dr. Dave®. “As I heard it more, I realized it was just intro music and not an official song, so I thought, why not get together with my band and develop it into one?

“Right off the bat,” he adds, “I knew I wanted to give it a little more sex appeal by adding the female vocals, and then we collectively and individually built on the energy of that with powerful grooves and solo action, John’s great horn arrangements and my back and forth guitar and sax section with him towards the end. Though I’m the producer, working on this track was a true ensemble effort where four heads sharing fresh ideas were definitely better than one. The same way as George Benson once turned Leon Russell’s ‘This Masquerade’ into a jazz standard, I feel the arrangement here is everything and takes what the Roots created to a whole new dimension. Most of all it’s a fun track performed with a lot of passion.”

Dr. Dave & The HouseCall Band® have been on a roll with the three previous singles released from Midnight Daydream. The first, “Sexy Cindy,” ranked #1 for Smooth Jazz Guitar songs in the U.S. on Radio Guitar One’s Top 20 in June 2018. The title track “Midnight Daydream” earned a multitude of accolades: #1 most added on the Radio Wave Internet Airplay Chart; #5 on the SmoothJazz.com Radar Chart; #9 on the SmoothJazz.com Top 100 Indie Chart and #14 on the SmoothJazz.com Top 100. A third single “Cabo Time” reached #19 on the SmoothJazz.com Radar chart. Dr. Dave & The HouseCall Band® also received a “Most Increased Play” designation last September on the Groove Jazz Music Chart.

Longtime fans of contemporary jazz may remember Dr. Dave® from his initial success as a recording artist in the mid-90s, when his albums I Like It Like That, Smooth and Cruisin’ made big splashes in the early days of the Smooth Jazz format. Smooth featured performances from jazz greats Freddie Hubbard, Ernie Watts and the late Fattburger members Carl Evans, Jr. and Hollis Gentry. Cruisin’ had sax and flute legends, brothers Ronnie and Hubert Laws.

After that initial run, Dr. Dave® switched gears and moved for a time to Brazil, where he performed for several years. He got back in the recording groove, and geared up by releasing two compilations of earlier material – some of which had never been played on radio. In 2013, he released Love Potion, a collection of romantic songs, which he followed with the perfectly titled The Doctor Is In, full of Dr. Dave’s® early up-tempo tracks. The smooth jazz format’s embrace of these recordings inspired Dr. Dave® to return to the scene full force with Carefree and have reached even greater musical heights on Midnight Daydream.

Meet The Band

Dr. Dave® Smooth Jazz Guitarist & Recording Artist

Dr. Dave® is a popular smooth jazz guitarist having played with the greats including Freddie Hubbard, Ernie Watts and the late Fattburger members Carl Evans, Jr., Hollis Gentry, legendary brothers Ronnie and Hubert Laws and of course with The HouseCall Band®.

Cecil McBee Jr. Bass

Cecil has performed with some big name artists, including Angela Bofill, jazz drummer Chico Hamilton, Chanti Moore, and jazz flutist Hubert Laws, just to name a few.

Larry Logan Keyboards

Larry Logan is an accomplished musician on piano and keyboard.

Kevin Flournoy Keyboards

Kevin performs all over the world. Kevin has played with some of the best such as Dionne Warwick, Donny Osmond, the Pointer Sisters, The Supremes, Gladys Knight and many more.

Other Band Members Include

Rob Whitlock Keyboards

Ronnie Stewart Drums

Duncan Moore Drums

Kevin Koch Drums

Bill Harris Steele Drums

Tommy Aros Percussion

John Rekevics Saxophone

Steve Wilcox Rhythm Guitar

Hank Easton Rhythm Guitar

Dr. Dave & The HouseCall Band® In Concert

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Please check back soon for upcoming 2019 concert dates.


Humphreys Concerts By The Bay, San Diego, CA

Maui Music Festival (Maui, Hawaii)

Festival de Jazz e Blues de Guaramiranga, Brazil

Fortaleza Weekend of Jazz Brazil

São Paulo Brazil Jazz Festival

Leblon Jazz Festival Rio de Janeiro

Portugal Lisbon (Lisboa) Story Centre

Spain Vigo Galicia Imazinasons, Festival de Jazz de Vigo

Segurdo Jazz Club and Vembum Jazz Cafe

Mykonos, Greece Music Festival

Athens Jazz Festival (Half Note Jazz Club)

Quebec City Jazz Festival, Canada

New Orleans Jazz Festival

KiFM Jazz Festival, San Diego, CA

Detroit International Jazz Festival

Miami Jazz Festival


The hit song "Sexy Cindy" written by Dr. Dave® and performed by Dr. Dave and The HouseCall Band® released to U.S. FM Radio stations and Global Internet radio in April 2018. You can watch the new "Sexy Cindy" video on YouTube. Other past Dr. Dave® & The HouseCall Band songs and national releases are also available for viewing on our YouTube Channel.

Dr. Dave & The Housecall Band: Midnight Daydream

Jazz Guitarist Dr. Dave Releases New Single “Sexy Cindy” | WATCH NEW VIDEO! | Album “Midnight Daydream” Available NOW

New Music Releases: Althea Rene - Flawsome; Dr. Dave & The HouseCall Band - Midnight Daydream; Shawn Myers -The Silent Life


DR. DAVE, Midnight Daydream

Dr. Dave Releases New Chart-Topping Single 'SEXY CINDY'

Dr. Dave & The HouseCall Band on KUSI News
Dr. Dave & The HouseCall Band on KUSI News (August 13, 2019)

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The Doctor Is In
Love Potion

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Radio & Smooth Jazz Charts

Here you can find radio stations that play Dr. Dave & The HouseCall Band®'s music in addition to past chart toppers. You can listen to Dr. Dave® in a radio interview by Judyth Piazza on the American Perspective.

Year End Album Charting for
National U.S. Radio Airplay for 2020

2020 Smooth Jazz Chart

2020 Smooth Jazz Chart

SmoothJazz.com Top 100 Indie Chart: Midnight Daydream #39 (November 2020)

SmoothJazz.com Radar Chart: Midnight Daydream #16 (November 2020)

Current Radio Charts

To build on last years hit single "Sexy Cindy", this years new releases from Midnight Daydream are moving up the charts just as fast. Here are the latest chart numbers for the new hit single "Midnight Daydream," "Hey Hey Hey Hey," and now "Impressions!"

SmoothJazz.com TOP 100 Album Chart: Impressions #18; TOP SPINCREASE at #6 with an increase of +134 spins totaling to 273 SPINS (March 2021)

SmoothJazz.com Radar Chart: Impressions #3 (March 2021)

SmoothJazz.com Listener Chart: Octane #5 (June 2020)

SmoothJazz.com Radar Chart: Octane #9 (June 2020)

SmoothJazz.com Most Spin Increases up +91 spins: Hey Hey Hey Hey (March 2020)

SmoothJazz.com Radar Chart: Hey Hey Hey Hey #7 (March 2020)

SmoothJazz.com Top 100 Indie Chart: Hey Hey Hey Hey #5 (March 2020)

SmoothJazz.com Top 100 Chart: Hey Hey Hey Hey #10 (March 2020)

Radio Wave Internet Airplay Chart: Midnight Daydream #1 Most Added (9 adds); Prime Mover +1,276 spins (September 2019)

SmoothJazz.com Radar Chart: Midnight Daydream #5 (August 2019)

SmoothJazz.com Top 100 Indie Chart: Midnight Daydream #7 (June 2020)

SmoothJazz.com Top 100 Chart: Midnight Daydream #14 (August 2019)

SmoothJazz.com Radar Chart: Cabo Time #19 (June 2019)

Groove Jazz Music Chart: Most Increased Play +38 spins (September 2019)

Midnight Daydream - Chart

Midnight Daydream - Chart

Radio Guitar One Top 20:

"Sexy Cindy" ranked #1 for Smooth Jazz Guitar songs in the U.S. Sexy Cindy (Week of June 12, 2018)

Smooth Jazz airplay for “Sexy Cindy”:

Mediabase Smooth A/C Chart: DEBUT 32* (Link)

Smooth Jazz Network Top 100 Chart: #31 (488 spins) Link)

SmoothJazz.com Chart: 25 - 27 (Link)

SmoothJazz.com Indie Chart: 17 - 17 (Link)

Past Chart Toppers

Feels So Good Ranked #25 on the SmoothJazz.com Radar Chart (10/13/15)

Don't Worry, Be Happy Ranked #21 on the SmoothJazz.com Radar Chart (4/28/15)

Don't Worry, Be Happy Ranked #33 on the Smooth Indie Star Chart (4/28/15)

Don’t Mess With Mr. T Ranked #20 on the SmoothJazz Radar Chart (July 30, 2014)

Don’t Mess With Mr. T Ranked #29 on the SmoothIndieStar Chart (July 30, 2014)

Don’t Mess With Mr. T #1 Most Added on the BDS/Billboard Chart (June 2, 2014)

Reserved for Abbie Ranked #22 on the SmoothJazz.com Chart (March 17, 2014)

Love Potion Ranked #9 on the Radar Chart on SmoothJazz.com (December 29, 2013)

Guitar IslandTop 10 Most Added to Radio (2013)

Affirmation Ranked #15 on the SmoothJazz.com Radar Chart (2013)

Billboard Airplay

WFSK/Nashville, TN

WVST/Richmond, VA

WVAS/Montgomery, AL

WEIB/Springfield, MA

The Smooth Jazz Network

Smooth Jazz Airplay

WVPE/ South Bend, IN








WNAA/Greensboro, NC

KUAW/Kansas City, MO

Smooth Jazz "In The Mix"/Podcast based in Glasgow, Scotland


SCORP Radio Network




KKFI/Kansas City, MO

KRWV/Phoenix, AZ






Smooth Jazz Buzz

KKFI/Kansas City, MO

WWUS/Key West, FL

KOJH/Kansas City, MO

KSCW/Phoenix, AZ

WTCC/Springfield, MA

WJAB/Huntsville, AL

WCHG/Hot Springs, VA



WSSB/Columbia, SC

WMRT/Marietta, OH





KOKY/Little Rock, AR

WDPS/Dayton, OH

KSHK/Kauai, HI

KUR/ Reading, PA

WNAA/Greensboro, NC





Smooth Jazz Network Airplay

iHeart Radio - Smooth Jazz Channel

WJZA-FM Atlanta, GA

KFNY-FM Seattle, WA

WAEG-FM North Augusta, GA

WCHD-HD2 Dayton, OH

KWDR-FM Kennewick, WA

WKSC HD-2 Chicago, IL

KDXA HD-2 Des Moines, IO

KSOF HD-2 Fresno, CA

WSRW HD-2 Grand Rapids, MI

WMAG HD-2 Greensboro, NC

WLRQ HD-2 Melbourne, FL

WUBT-HD2 Nashville, TN

WMGF-HD2 Orlando, FL

KKCW HD-2 Portland, OR

WSNE HD-2 Providence, RI

WBTJ HD-2 Richmond, VA

KFBK-HD2 Sacramento, CA

KMJM HD-2 St. Louis, MO

KODJ HD-2 Salt Lake City, UT

KISC-HD2 Spokane, WA

COOL-FM Panama

KCCB-AM Corning, AR

WVSU-FM Birmingham, AL

KKLI-FM Colorado Springs, CO

WAJD-FM Gainesville, FL

WBHQ-FM Beverly Beach, FL

WSBZ-FM Walton Beach, FL

WUCR-FM Butler, FL

WCLZ-FM Portland, ME

WRMO-FM Bangor, ME


WCHB-FM Detroit, MI

WSRW-FM Grand Rapids, MI

WLDR-FM Traverse City, MI

WVLY-FM Sundbury, PA

WISX-FM Philadelphia, PA

KQXT-FM San Antonio, TX



Smooth Jazz Florida Plus HD

Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay

Smooth Jazz Nox Miami

Smooth Jazz Tampa

Smooth Jazz Wave Boca Raton

Smooth Jazz CD101.9 New York

Smooth Jazz Mix New York

WRIP-FM Windham, NY

MIX 105 Stream Indianapolis, IN

MIX 105 HD2 Indianapolis, IN

HTR Hawaii

MIX 96.7 Honolulu, HI

MY 102.1 Maui, HI

Radio Indigo Bangalore/Goa India 99.1

Aramco Saudi Arabia

CJCV-FM Winnipeg

Boracay Beach Radio - 97.3 FM Philippines


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